Disaster Assistance & Mutual Aid

ECA serves as the mutual aid coordinator for 36 municipal electric utilities across the state of Alabama. ECA has an established mutual aid program through which member cities aid fellow member cities. Should the need arise, ECA will also coordinate all out-of-state requests and response to natural disasters.

If a member city needs assistance, please be prepared to provide the following information and contact ECA immediately:

  • General description of the damage;
  • The part of the electrical system where assistance is needed (transmission, substation, or distribution);
  • The amount and type of personnel, equipment, materials and supplies needed and a reasonable estimate of time they will be needed;
  • A specific place to meet.

Key Contacts

Jon Hand

Cell: (334) 318-5202

Office: (334) 954-3221

Email: jhand@electriccities.org

Donna Key

Cell: (334) 391-4629

Office: (334) 954-3221

Email: dkey@electriccities.org

Insight & Influence

Electric Cities of Alabama members receive many benefits, including disaster assistance and mutual aid, governmental affairs, invitation only training programs and more.