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Federal and State Governmental Affairs

ECA is honored to represent Alabama’s municipally owned electric utilities across the state of Alabama. Federal, state and local regulations, as well as proposed legislation, ECA strives to ensure member cities can continue to provide reliable and low cost public power.

Federal and state activities are facilitated by ECA staff bringing representatives of member cities together with the appropriate elected officials throughout the year. These activities aid in developing a better working relationship between electric cities, federal, state and local officials. To that end, ECA provides the following services to its members:

  • Legislative & Regulatory Coordination
  • Regular Legislative Updates and Legislative Alerts
  • Legislative Grassroots Development
  • Annual Meeting and Governmental Affairs Conference
  • Annual Legislative Appreciation Reception
  • Legislative Coalition Building
  • Washington, D.C. Legislative Rally

Insight & Influence

Electric Cities of Alabama members receive many benefits, including disaster assistance and mutual aid, governmental affairs, invitation only training programs and more.

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